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S&H Heating and Air Conditioningstarstarstarstarstar4.9 / 5

73 Total Reviews /files//s-h-logo-sm.png770-466-0556$1284 McCreery Rd, Jefferson GA

S&H Heating and Air Conditioning

S&H Heating and Air Conditioning/files//s-h-logo-sm.png$770-466-05561284 McCreery Rd, Jefferson GA
S&H Heating and Air Conditioning/files//s-h-logo-sm.png770-466-0556$1284 McCreery Rd, Jefferson GA starstarstarstarstar 4.9 / 5 | 73 Total Reviews

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S&H Heating and Air Conditioning/files//s-h-logo-sm.png$1284 McCreery Rd, Jefferson GA 770-466-0556"In May of 2022 my fiancé & I acquired a property that had not been well maintained for about ten years. We started to notice our A/C was not able to keep up with the rising temperatures outside, so I contacted Casteel to give us a tune up & maybe top off the refrigerant in the unit. They came out, and after further inspection, decided we desperately needed a new A/C unit as ours was too far gone. I reached out to a few companies to get quotes on the new system, & my boss recommended we use the folks he has always used (S&H Mechanical). I was really impressed by how upfront & honest they were with us about what we needed to get done, & took time to educate a young man who had not much of a clue about the situation. We got an install scheduled, & were eagerly waiting for our install date of 6/15/22. On the evening of 6/6/22, I noticed the capacitor on the machine broke, & we went from having a poor performing A/C system, to NO A/C system in the middle of June. I called Nicol on the morning of 6/7/22 with no answer. I eventually got in touch & explained the situation, & asked her if there was anything we could do (even pay more money) to get the install done quicker. She said she would reach back out and let me know... Fast forward to 8pm that night when I called again to get an update. She explained they were down a tech & Aaron was not in an area where she could talk to him about what was going on. I said I understood & would patiently wait for her to reach out the following morning. At 8:30 the following evening, I sent a text that read as follows..."Nichol, we are starting to get a little frustrated that we cant get a call back when y'all say y'all will, considering we are about to spend $10k with your business. Its 85 degrees in my house, & I have an 81 year old woman living here. its an emergency at this point" About 30 minutes later I got a call that effectively told me they were no longer interested in working with me! I'm publishing the text I sent here to be transparent. I asked my fiancé, & my boss, if this message was too brash or rude but no one seemed to think so. I have never been so disappointed with a situation before in my life. S&H Mechanical was so offended over my asking for clearer communication, that they thought it better to turn their nose up at a $10k job than to just keep me informed. "
from Auburn, GA on June 9th, 2022
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